Bin and crate emptying

First phase of the working process in which the fruits, contained in bins or boxes, are placed on the line. Depending on the fruit processed, emptying can take place dry or in water. These machines, manual or automatic and self-regulating, have been designed to satisfy any type of work requirement, ensuring maximum flexibility and yield.


Bin dumper for vegetables mod. RBSO


Phase necessary to prepare products for calibration, eliminating the impurities present on the freshly picked fruit. These procedures, which differ according to the fruit processed, allow an optimal presentation of the product on the market making it more palatable to the consumer.

Washing Machine

Washing machine with Rotating drum

Manual packing

Particularly delicate phase within a sorting process, where is determined the way the product will be presented on the market. Our technologies allow to significantly reduce the processing costs due to the heavy use of workers necessary in this phase, ensuring impeccable packaging.

Packing Bench

Double pack bench with moving deflector plate