La migliore tecnologia
per la qualità dell’ortofrutta.

Our strengths

Ethics, knowledge and seriousness have been the fundamental values of ICOEL for over 40 years; a company that supports companies from all over the world operating in the fruit and vegetable processing market, guaranteeing the highest personalized technological standard and the most efficient after-sales service.

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"Taylor made" solutions

Each customer has different special needs and each one differs from the other; for this reason all our systems are designed and made to measure. For each customer we seek and offer the best solutions in terms of functionality, spaces used inside the packing area, facilitation and speeding up of the workflow.

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Successful projects

Our mission is to successfully complete our projects, guaranteeing results and keeping the promises made to our customers, establishing a more than commercial friendly relationship with them. Our success starts from the satisfaction of the customers who have chosen us for the realization of their projects.

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News and Events

Since many years we take part in the most important national and international trade fairs and organize meetings for our technological innovations. In addition, our consultants constantly seek the possibility of accessing investment funds with which our customers can facilitate the construction and renewal of the plants.

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To be successful in such a rapidly evolving market, you must feel like a winning team, with the unyielding tendency to always be the best and with the sharing of your fundamental values. Being able to generate a great vision throughout the team to be transmitted to customers, with great attention to protecting the environment and enhancing agri-food products, aiming to safeguard the nutritional quality to offer to future generations.

Thanks to the competence and experience gained in over 40 years of projects and constructions, we aim to be the main point of reference for the construction and installation of plants in the industy of processing and sorting of fruit and vegetables.