Beefsteak Tomatoes


Phase necessary to prepare products for calibration, eliminating the impurities present on the freshly picked fruit. These procedures, which differ according to the fruit processed, allow an optimal presentation of the product on the market making it more palatable to the consumer.

Washing Machine for Delicate Fruit

Brushing Washing machine
Brushing Washing machine with motorized by-pass


Main phase of the sorting process: it is here that the product is selected according to the desired parameters (weight, diameter, color, external and internal quality, etc.) and conveyed to the various outlets, guaranteeing a gentle unloading so as not to compromise the quality of the fruit. Following the commercial agreement with Compac, our products have been joined by the SLS, DLS and MLS graders which further enrich our range, making it able to satisfy any type of requirement.

Electronic Sorting Machine

Compac SLS/DLS
Compac SLCS
Compac MLS
Big Cup Sizer S

Manual packing

Particularly delicate phase within a sorting process, where is determined the way the product will be presented on the market. Our technologies allow to significantly reduce the processing costs due to the heavy use of workers necessary in this phase, ensuring impeccable packaging.

Packing Bench

Packing bench step by step

Palletizing and strapping


Automatic palletizer

Strapping Machine

Automatic strapping machine