Small Fruit Sorter SFS

It is the sorter designed to sort small produce such as cherries and cherry tomatoes. Using Compac InVision the SFS sorts produce by size, shape, colour and blemish. Produce flow from either a dry or wet infeed on the «V» belts and are singulated onto the carriers. The carriers rotate as they pass under the cameras to inspect the produce. Small air jets gently remove produce from the carriers. 

Dati Tecnici

Hourly production :
65.000 pieces per lane
Fruit diameter:
12÷40 mm
Size precision:
± 0,3 mm
Installed electrical power:
3 kW

Fase di lavorazione

  • Sorting


  • icona prodotto Brussels sprouts
    Brussels sprouts
  • icona prodotto Cherries
  • icona prodotto Walnuts
  • icona prodotto Cherry tomatoes
    Cherry tomatoes
  • icona prodotto Radishes